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写真 自動スライド(4枚)

"Plants are strangely..."


When I came here from Tokyo, it was a garden full of kaya and weeds.

Gradually, the number of kaya decreased and the number of grasses I wanted to increase increased.


From there, I gradually created fields and planted herbs, flowers, and trees in the garden.


Even though they couldn't grow as expected and withered, or were devastated by moles,

I also feel that the entire garden is growing slowly.


If you notice the fruits that grow year by year, nearly 20 species will come to fruition.



When you touch the energy of plants such as vitality, beauty, and elegance, it becomes radiant and often inspires you to make pottery.


When I'm careful and calling out, the plants seem to be responding.



Most of the flowers reflected in the pottery of the Botanical series are the plants that grow in this garden.


It seems that the works that received life and reflected the momentum of life as much as possible at the best time of shining will continue to shine with the appearance as it was at that time.


May the energy of the plants be transmitted from the photographs.

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